Sushi product(寿司種) processed goods(加工品) Material(原料) Seaweed(海藻) shell(貝類)
Chicken(鶏肉) Pork(豚肉) Beeves(牛肉)

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  Haijia Trading co.,ltd. sets up business windows in Hong Kong and Fujian, which is mainly agenting import and export of the plants, sales operations, and import raw materials from abroad upon customer’s demand, then re-export after reprocessing at plants.
  The main sales markets are China, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Western Europe and so on. We sell sea food products to Japan with main products as sushi and fish fillet, we can ensure customer a stable and good quality products to meet  customer requirements.
  The products exported to Japan are roasted eel, octopus slice, sea eel, red pogy fillet and slice, seabass fillet and slice, sushi shrimp, PD shrimp, flying fish egg, seashell and so on.
 We also have other products just like octopus pill, karaage, squid rings, crab meat,mahimahi, tilapia, heat chicken products, heat pork products, heat beef products and so on... Outside Japan , There are also products as, mahimahi, tilapia, mackerel, cod and shrimps ...
  Our company stands at the customer's position to make quality management, supervision of delivery time, information sharing, and help customers actively to develop new products. For our costomers, it is our responsibility to provide safer, securer and more reliable products, and it is also our mission to provide convenient service and reasonable price.






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